2nd York Militia Muster Roll

Published January 2, 2016
Revised February 12, 2018:  Roswell Matthews

2nd Regiment of York Militia
War of 1812
Muster Roll

By Fred Blair

Recruitment Area

            All men between the ages of 16 and 60 and residing in Upper Canada were required to serve in their local militia unless they had an exemption as unfit, as a Quaker, Mennonite, or Tunker, or as they were performing an essential service.  The men serving in the 2nd York were from the townships of Ancaster, Barton, Beverly, East and West Flamborough, Nelson, Toronto, and Trafalgar.  This area presently extends from the City of Oakville to Hamilton.


August 15, 1812, Fort Detroit, Capt Hatt’s Co., 5th Lincoln Militia
October 13, 1812, Queenston, Chisholm’s and Applegarth’s Co.
May 11, 1813, Attack on the King’s Head Inn, Capt. Samuel Hatt Co.
June 6, 1813, Battle of Stoney Creek (militia men dismissed)
About July 20, 1814, officers captured near St. David’s
July 25, 1814, Lundy’s Lane, Lt. Col. Beasley’s Detachment

            From the list of engagements, please note that the men of the 2nd York and 5th Lincoln Militias sometimes served together.  Both regiments were at times stationed in the same area and this no doubt made the transfer of men between them routine.

Muster Roll

            The surviving muster and payroll documents are incomplete for a number of reasons and errors have been found in some of the documents.  Some of these errors were corrected on subsequent documents.

            The following muster roll has been compiled from a number of different sources and I have a list of sources for each name listed below.  Unfortunately variations in the spelling of surnames, sometimes even on the same document, made it difficult to resolve the problem of whether similar names referred to one man or two different men with similar names.  As an example of one surname variation, Garret Conover was the brother of Peter Covenhoven.

            Where a name was recorded serving in two different companies at the same time, I have taken it to mean that there were two men with the same name.  In some cases this has been verified with the help of family history.  There were in fact at least three James Mordens serving in the regiment.

If a number of surname problems could be resolved the number of men in this muster would be smaller. 


Lieut.Col. Richard George Beasley (1761-1842)
Lieut. Col. St. Jean Baptiste Rousseaux (1758-1812)
Major Titus Geer Simons (1765-1829)

Capt. William Applegarth (1764-1839)
Capt. William Bates (1758-1844)
Capt. George K. Chisholm Sr. (1752-1842)
Capt. John Chisholm (1784-1861)
Capt. John Green
Capt. William George Hepburne
Capt. Hector Sutherland McKay
Capt. Thomas Merigold Sr. (1761-1826)
Capt. John Mills
Capt. Daniel Morden (c1756-1813)
Capt. James Morden (1771-)                    
Capt. Samuel Ryckman (1777-1846)
Capt. Daniel Springer (Not confirmed)
Capt. William Thompson (1786-1860)    
Capt. Samuel Toych… (Not confirmed)

Lieut. John Applegarth Jr. (1784-1854)
Lieut. Thomas Atkinson
Lieut. William Chisholm (1788-1842)
Lieut. Richard Cockrell (c1771-1829)
Lieut. Frederick Starr Jarvis (1787-1852)
Lieut. George King (-1812)
Lieut. James Mills (Deserted before war was declared)
Lieut. Daniel O’Reilly (1783-)
Lieut. Manuel Overfield (c1773-1838)
Lieut. Thomas Smith
Lieut. Stiles Stevens (1775-1844)
Lieut. David Van Every Jr. (1782-)
Lieut. John Weir/Wier        
Ensign David Beasley (1797-1849)
Ensign Henry Beasley (1793-1859)
Ensign George Chisholm Jr. (1792-1872)
Ensign Philip Cody/Coody (1770-1850)
Ensign George Hill Detlor (1794-1884)
Ensign William G. Hepburn/Hepburne
Ensign Thomas Lucas (1785-1864)
Ensign William McKerlie (1778-1863)
Ensign Peter McCollum (1784-1840)
Ensign James Mills
Ensign Benjamin Monger (1769-1863)
Ensign Hugh Rose (c1778-)
Ensign John Showers (1776-1845)
Ensign William Walter Simons (1784-1836)
Adjutant Lewis Turner Bradley (1771-1843)
Acting Adjutant William Nevills (Sgt. Mjr. and Qtr. Mstr.) (c1785-)
Adjutant John Kingsley Simons (1786-1832)
Qtr. Mstr. Nicholas MacDougall
Pay Master Thomas McCormick (1784-1867)    
Qtr. Mstr. Sgt. George Marlatt (1781-1814)
 Sergeants and Privates

Clement …
 David … (c1788-)
Joseph …idle
Sgt. William …octes

David Albertson (1764-1842)        
Robert Albertson (1777-1854)
William Albertson (1794-1877)
Henry Patrick Almas (1782-1830)
John Baker Almas/Almost (1796-1860)
Aaron Allworthy/Elworthy (1779-1862)
Brockway Ames (1773-1819)
Robert Ames            
David Amy                
Anthony Anderson 
John Anderson
Frederick Anger/Anker (1791-)
Charles Armstrong (c1795-)
Thomas Armstrong

Elijah Babcock        
Henry Babcock
Joel Babcock                       
Joshua Babcock     
Nathaniel Babcock 
Thomas B. Badger (c1785-)          
Abraham Baker (1775-1838)
Benjamin Baker
Burges Baker
Elias Baker   
Jesse Balden (See Jessie Baldwin)                    
Gilbert Balding/Baldwin (c1794-1836)
Daniel Baldwin       
Jessie Baldwin (See Jesse Balden)        
Andrew Banghart (1779-1860)
William Barber (c1771-)
Henry Barkley
Sgt. Elisha Barns/Barnes (c1789-)
Abraham Bastedo
Gilbert Bastedo (1777-1865)
Augustus Bates (1764-1842)
Richard Waldron Bates (1793-1869)
Walter Bates (c1786-1812)
Sgt. John Beaty/Beatty/Baty (c1790-)
Benjamin G.F. Becker        
John Belcher Jr.
Robert Best (c1777-)
Abraham Betid        
Charles Pettit Biggar (1786-1860)
James Lanning Biggar (1787-1849)
John Biggar
Archibald Birch
Ebenezer Blair (c1778-1860)
Sgt. Isaac Blosedale/Blosdale/Blasdel/Blasdall
Jesse Bolden
Adam Book Sr. (1786-1869)
Jacob Book (1788-1863)
John Book Sr. (1754-1827)
Sgt. John Book Jr.
George Bookberry (see Buckberry)
Andrew Borland
John Borst
Abraham Bowman
Lewis Broadlay (see Adj. Bradley)
Mahlon Bray Sr. (1776-1848)       
John Break
Ben Brigs
Amos Brockway (see Brockway Ames)
Sgt. Alexander Brown (c1777-)
Isaac Brown (-1812)
John Brown
Henry Bubrach (c1790-)
Jacob Buck/Bock (1789-1867)
Michael/Mitchel Buck (1774-) (see Burk)
Philip Buck Jr. (1780-1867)
George Buckberrough/Buckborrough/Buckberry/Buckburgh (1794-1866)
Michael Burk           
Philip Burke             
Samuel Burndage  
Jonas Butterfield

George Calvert (c1780-)    
Sgt. David Camp/Kemp Jr. (c1769-)
Isaac Camp (c1772-)
James Campbell
Thomas Canel                     
Jacob Carfew/Corfew
Isaac Carle (Carrol?)          
Thomas Carrol
Christopher Case
Samuel Case (c1795-)
John Castor
Michael Caster/Castor       
James Chambers
John Chambers
John Chisholm
Sgt. William Chisholm
John Christen                     
Ephraim Clark
John Cleaver (1771-1838)
George Clement/Climent   
Paul Clement                      
Sgt. Jacob Cochenour (c1762-)
John Cocklin                       
William Coleman (1792-1873)
William Conkright   
Cornelius Conner/Corner             
Garrett Conover (1780-1866) (son of Covenhoven)
Richard Cook (-c1812)       
Sgt. Robert Cook (c1774-1812)
Jonathan Cooley
William Cooter         
Conrad Cope (1765-1861)
Henry Cope (1)
Henry Cope (2)
Jacob Cope (1790-1871)
James Cope (1795-1838)
John Samuel Cope (1793-1841)
Joshua Cope (1787-1816)
Thomas Cope           (1792-1848)
Jonathan Copeland
Robert Copeland (1793-1869)
Thomas Copeland (1748-1822)
Aaron Cornell/Cornwell/Cornwall (1795-1886)
Benma Cornell (see Cornwell)     
Enoch Cornell/Cornwall (1790-1848)
Jesse Cornel/Cornils/Cornwell (1796-1881)
John Cornel/Cornil (see Cornwell and Cornett)
Moses Cornel/Cornwell/Cornwall (c1793-1847)
Nathaniel Cornell/Cornwell (c1790-1823)
Samuel Cornel        
Thomas Cornell/Cornwell/Cornwall (1791-1854)
Cornelius Corner (see Conner)
Thomas Corner/Corners Jr. (1793-1858)
John Cornett (see Cornel)            
Benjamin Cornwell (see Cornell)
John Cornwell (See Cornel)
Jacob Corrons                     
Thomas Costeu (Costell?)
Robert Couplin (See Copeland)
Peter Covenhoven (1778-1825)
Adam Cramer/Creamer
James Cramer  (c1788-)
William Cramer/Creamer (1790-)
William Cronkite (see Conkrite)
Henry Crumpaugh 
Jonathan Culp                    
Abraham Cumming/Cummings
Daniel Cumming (1765-1853)
Sgt. David Cummings Sr. (1767-)
Sgt. Cleaser/Eleazer Cummings
Jacob Cumming/Cummins/Cummin (c1790-)
John Cumming/Cummins Sr. (1778-1852)
John A. Cumming Jr. (1791-1861)
John Cummings/Cummin (John Sr. or Jr.?)
Matthias Cumming/Cummings/Cummins
William Cumming/Cummings/Cummins/Cummin (c1788-)    

James Davidson (1787-1864)
Samuel Davidson   
Asahel/Ashael Davis (1774-1850)
David Davis             
Jonathan Davis (c1783-)
John Davison/Dawsin        (c1766-)        
John Dawson
Richard Decker/Deckers (1780-1868)
Abner Decue/Decow          
Sgt. Edmund Decue
James Depew/Depeu (1787-1857)
Simon Depise                      
Sgt. Sylvester Dodge (c1780-)
John Drake (1782-1853)
Silas Duel/Dual                   
Sgt. James Durand
Peter Dyckman

Daniel Eby (1773-1820)    
Aaron Eliott/Ellot     
David Ellis/Ellice Sr. (c1787-1845)
Sgt. William Ellis (c1776-1848)
John Emmons
Sgt. Abner Everett

(Unknown) Facet (see McFacet)                                                                          
Samuel Farthinder             
Lewis Felker Jr. (1795-1861
William Felman                   
Richard Ferguson (c1787-)
John Finch
Michael Flagg (c1796-)
David Fonger Jr. (c1782-1878)     
Henry Fonger (1785-1860)           
John Fonger (c1786-1840)
William Fonger                    
James Forsyth (1787-1866)
John Forsyth (c1789-)
Jacob Fortney
Robert Frank (1786-1859) 
Samuel Fraser         
Clarkson Freeman (1786-1869)
Isaac Freeman
John Frees/Freese/Freece Jr. (1776-1840)
Aaron Frooman  (see Vrooman)  
John Fuder              
Isaac Fulkerson

Henry Gable Sr. (1765-1834)
Henry Gable Jr. (1789-1866)
John Gable (1787-1880)
Samuel Gable (1796-1862)
Thomas Ghent/Gant (1770-1824) (see Grant)
William Gant/Ghent (1796-1848)
Clark Gardiner         
William Gardiner
Jea Garner               
William Garner (1785-1838)
Gaunt (see Gant/Ghent)
John Gingright
Francis Glover                     
Joseph Godale/Goodale (see …idle)
Oren/Owen Grant               
Thomas Grant           (see Gant)    
Alexander Green (c1781-)
Daniel Green (see also Daniel Greenes)
Levi Green
Samuel Green (1770-1813)
Wheeler Green
William Green (c1782-)
William “Billy” Green (1794-1877)
Daniel Greeniaus/Greenes/Greenis/Grennas/Greneus/Greanus/Grenus/Gerrnos (1793-1863)
Sebastian Greeniaus (1761-1847)          
Sgt. Eleazer Griffith (1777-1843)
Enos Griffith (c1775-)
Lazarus Griffith (1794-)
Barnet Griggs (1784-1864)
George William Griggs (1786-1860)
Michael Groat Sr. (c1777-1846)
William Groat Sr. (c1783-)
James Gugins Jr. (c1779-1858)
Ebenezer Guire (c1778-)

John Haaster (see Kester)            
S. Hackett
Sgt. Peter Hagle
John Hagy (see Kaygay)   
George Hains/Haines/Hanes
Jacob Haines/Karnes                    
John Haines                        
Peter Haines
James Hallock/Halloe                    
David Hammon                   
Samuel Hannan (Harman?)                     
John Hanuberger               
John Hare
Daniel Harris Jr. (1771-1831)
John C. Harris
Samuel Hartwell (c1784-)
Ebenezer Hathaway                      
Jonas Haver (c1794-)
Samuel Hedges (c1792-)
Jacob Hellinghead
Alexander Hemphill (1767-1838)
Alpheus Hemphill (1796-1838)
Daniel L. Hendershot (1790-1888)
David Hendershot  
Isaac Hendershot (1773-1859)
Miles Hendrick/Hindrick (see Kendrick)
Christopher Henry (c1784-)          
David Hill                  
John Hinton (c1789-1874)
Thomas Hinton (c1785-1872)
Sgt. John Holmes/Holms   
Abraham Hopken   
Caleb Hopkins (1786-1880)
Ephraim Hopkins (1784-1852)
Joseph Hopkins (1777-1841)
Royal Hopkins
James Hopper/Hoppard (1773-1854)
Isaac Horning (1776-1852)
John Horning
Peter Horning
David Hotrum
George House          (1792-1871) 
George Howe
Peter Howel (1792-1868)              
Sampson/Samson Howell (1772-1851)
William Howell (1760-1843)
Henry Huffman (1785-1862)
Jacob Huffman (1786-1853)
Robert Huggins Sr. (c1766-)
Robert Huggins/Huggans Jr. (c1794-)
Richard Hull (1792-)
Patrick Humel                      
Isaac Hundershot (see Hendershot)
Edward Hunt (1797-)
Lucas Hunt              
Rynear Hunt
Samuel Hunt (1781-1865)
Thomas Hunt (1771-1855)
William Huntobeger (c1791-)
John Hutchins         (see Hutchinson)    
Aaron Hutchinson (c1792-)
Joal Hutchinson (c1794-)
John Hutchinson (c1768-) (see Hutchins)

Hw. Ingersol             
Thomas Ingersoll Jr. (1790-1847)
John Ireland (1781-1826)

William Jerome (1788-1849)
Sgt. Squire Johnson
Andrew Jones          (1767-1850)
James Jones (1795-1860)
John Jones (1775-)
William Jones

Jacob Kames (see Kerns or Camp)
John Kating             
Jacob Keagy/Kaggay/Kaygay/Kegy (1792-1816)
John Keagey Sr. (1770-1860)
John Keagey Jr. (1794-1859)
Henry Keil                            
William Kendrick (see Hendrick)              
Jacob Kern/Kerns               
Sgt. Nicholas Kerns Jr.      
John Kester (see Haaster)            
Michael Kester/Heaster     
Thomas Kinder/Kindree (c1769-)
Charles King (1765-1847)
Daniel B./I./V. King             
George King
Isaac King (c1785-1856)
James King (1789-)
James B. King                     
James V. King
John King (c1787-)
Thomas King                       
William King
David Kinney/Kenney (1760-1840)
James Kinney/Kenney
Joseph Kinney/Kenney (1792-1867)
Peter Kinney Sr. (c1770-)
Peter D. Kinney/Kenney Jr. (1789-1871)
Peter Kinney/Kinny/Kenny
Samuel Kitchen (1784-1867)
John Knowles
Samuel Knowles (1795-)
Henry Kuner            
Zenis Kyes (c1776-)

Sgt. Abraham Labar/Lebar
William Lebar                                   
James Lafferty (1791-1870)
Henry Lamb
William Lane
William Lange         
James Lawhers (or Sawhers?) (c1776-)
Sgt. John Lawrason/Larrison (1793-1865)
Miller Lawrason/Larrison (1768-1847)
Thomas Lawrason/Larrison (1788-1840)
William Lawrence (1781-1864)
Jacob Leepes                                  
Jacob Leopard/Lepard (-1812)
James Lester/Leister                      
Levergood (see Livergood)
Samuel Lewis
William Lewis (c1793-c1854)
Joseph Ligners       
John Limhill (c1787-)
George Livergood (c1796-)
Jacob A. Livergood (1790-1836)
Peter Livergood (c1785-)
Abraham Lockman (1770-1826)  
Aaron London (1784-)
Jacob London (c1784-)
Andrew Long                       
James Long 
Joseph Long
William Long (1782-1858)
Jacob/Jarel Lontees/Lontess/Lonties/Lontiss
Samuel Loree          
Timothy Loree (c1794-)
Elisha Lothrop/Lothrip
Henry Loucks (see Shook)
James Lougheed
Joseph Lucar (Lucas?)      
Sgt. Stephen Lucas (1795-1859)
Abraham Luce                                 
William Luce (see Lune) (c1790-)
William Lune (Lane?, see Luce)  
Aaron Lunen                       
Sgt. Harcar Lyons (1770-1838)
Lewis/Luis Lyons (1793-)

Henry Magee
John Magee 
Adam Main (1787-1870)
David Main (1795-1866)
James Maine                       
John Main Jr. (1785-)
Philip Main               
John Mannon/Manner/Mannan/Manning (see also McManners)
Frederick Manuse (c1786-)
James March                       
John Maricen                      
Abraham Markle
Alexander Markle Sr. (1763-)
Benjamin Markle (1790-1875)
Hezekiah Markle     
Sgt. Jacob Markle (1793-1866)
Jacob Markle
James Markle (1784-)
John Markle
Matthew Markle (1774-)
William Markle/Mericle
William Markle Jr. (c1782-1858)
James Marlatt/Marlett         
John Marlatt (1777-1865)
Joseph Marlatt Jr. (1776-1845)
Samuel Marlatt (1796-1875)
Jeremiah Maselus  
Peter Mattis/Mateas
Levi Matthew                       
Roswell Matthews (1774-)   
Peter Matthews       
James Maule                       
James McBride (-c1836)
Sgt. John McCarter (c1791-) (see McCarty)
Adam McCarthy      
Anson McCarty (1796-1813)
James McCarthy (1795-1873)
Sgt. John McCarty (see McCarter)
John McCormack/McCormick
Sgt. Robert McCormick (c1787-)
Sgt. Samuel McFacet          (see Facet)                                                                           
James McGee                      
William McGee (c1791-)                
Sgt. Moses McKay/McCay (1778-1863)
Sgt. William McKay (c1790-)         
John McKean                                  
Josiah McKean                   
George McKinley
Alexander McLang (c1778-)
Hugh McLaren (1778-1859)
Samuel McLean/McLen/McLin
Robert McLintins     
James McMahon (c1785-)
David McManners/McManner/McManness/McNaney (c1796-)
Sgt. Duncan McQueen (-c1839)
John Meriam (1779-1854)
Amos Merigold (1797-1865)
Sgt. Daniel Merigold (1795-1863)
Sgt. Thomas Merigold Jr. (1791-1871)
George Middagh (c1792-)
James Middagh
Martin Middagh Jr. (1790-1827)
Sgt. David Millard
Isaac Millard             
Isaiah Millard (1774-)
Josiah Millard
Adam Miller (1791-1866)
Isaac Mills Sr.           (1787-1852)
John Mills (1)
John Mills Jr.
Michael Mills            
Sgt. Solomon Mills (-1814)
Peter Miser (c1789-) (see Myres)
Elisha Mitchel
Oliver Molten/Molton
Martin Moody                       
Andrew Moore
David Morden          
George Morden
James Morden Sr.
James Mordan Jr. (1790-?)
James D. Morden    
James J. Morden
Moses Morden (c1794-)
Ralph Morden Jr. (1770-)
Thomas Morden (1790-1863)
Joseph Moses                                 
James A. Mullet       
Christian Muma (1779-1863)        
George Muma (1777-1880)
John Muma  
Samuel Muma (1784-1865)
Daniel Munn (1779-1822)
Peter Murcer/Mercer
George Murdoch (c1784-) 
Patrick Murphy
Peter Musser                       
George Myers                      
Peter Mires/Myers/Myres (c1777-)
Aaron Nelson (1795-1859)
David Nelson (1792-1839)

James O’Brien/O’Bryan
Aaron Oliphant (1788-1868)
Walter O’Reilly (1796-)
Asa Owens

John Palmeteer       
James Parks            
Jacob Patterson
Lynus Peck
Jacob Peer Jr. (1776-1855)
John Peer
Philip Peer/Pier (c1766-1828)
Sgt. Charles Petteys/Pettis/Pettys/Pellell/Pittis
John Read Phenix/Phoenix (1782-c1862)
Joshua Pollard         (1772-1850)
Sgt. William Poorlls            
Ezekiel Post (1771-1838)
Samuel Price
Daniel Prime            
Ephraim Putman

Jacob Rairn (c1792-)
Elias/Elisha Rambo/Rambow (c1780-
Joseph Reddle (c1793-)
Nicholas Revn (c1786-)
Sgt. Squire Reymall (see Rymall)
Ryer Reynolds (c1791-1877)
Sgt. Allen Robinett
James Robinett       
Thomas Robenet/Robinett/Robinet/Robbinet/Robinitt (c1791-)
William Robison/Robinson/Robertson
William Rogers        
William Rose (1781-)
Thomas Rosebrook
William Rosebrook
William Rosebrough/Roseburgh
Stephen Russell
Adam Ryckard/Ryckerd/Rycard
John Ryckman Jr. (1798-)
Sgt. Jacob Rymal (1790-1856) (see Reymall)

Henry Sager
Peter St. Antoine     
Jacob Sararas (1787-1866)
Nicholas Sararas Jr. (c1787-)
John Savercool
John SchillerSheler/Sheller/Shelar/Shealer
Michael Schiller/Sheler (-1828)
Sgt. Fredrick Schneider     
John Scott                
Hopkins Sealy
Silas H. Seely (c1794-)
Nicholas Seravas (see Surerus)
Sgt. George Sergeant/Serjeant
Conrad Shain (c1755-1840)
William Shain/Shane (1795-1872)
David Shannon (c1755-1825)      
William Shannon (1790-)
Isaac Shaver
John Shaver/Shafer (1769-1852)
William Shaver/Sheafer
George Sherke        
William Shoefelt      
Henry Soucks/Shuck/Shook
Jacob Shook
Sgt. Peter Shook (1791-1861)
Adam Shupe/Shoupe/Shoop (1793-1878)
Dauh Shoup            
George Shoup
Jacob Shoup                       
John Shupe/Shoupe/Shoop (1784-1861)
Peter Shufelt                       
John Shuler
Sgt. William Shunkleton                
Sgt. Aaron Silverthorn (1790-1872)
Joseph Silverthorn (1785-1879)
Thomas Silverthorn (1788-1834)
Beldad/Bildad Simons (c1779-)
Sgt. Jacob Sipes/Sypes Jr. (c1793-)
Jonas Sipes/Sypes (1793-1825)
Jacob Sisses (See Sykes, Sypes) (unknown rank)
William Skelly (c1775-)
Benjamin Skinner (1791-1873)
Jeptha Skinner (1757-1852)
Samuel Slorifer                   
Abraham Slote/Slole (see Stole)
Abram Smith            
Absalom Smith (1788-1861)
Benjamin/Benajah Smith
Christian Smith
Jacob Lewis Smith (1787-1860)
John Smith (c1792-)           
Jonas Smith
Joseph Smith (c1783-1832)
Ward Smith
William Smith          
Jacob Smoke
Sgt. David Snider (1784-1863)
Sgt. Frederick Snider (1793-1877)                       
Paul Sonia Sr.                     
Paul Sonia Jr.                      
John Sovereign      
Robert Sovereign    
Samuel Stafford (1780-1856)       
William Stafford (c1796-)
Jonathan Stanton (c1761-1837)
John Steinbogh      
Bela/Belah Stevens
Sgt. Charles B. Stewart (1783-)
Abraham Stole (see Slote)
Abraham Stopher
Jacob Street (1794-1871)
Lockwood Street (1768-1818)
Timothy Street (1792-1812)
Jacob Strohm
David Strobridge/Trowbridge (1779-)
(Unknown) Showbridge (Trowbridge)
John Strowbridge (1791-1877)
John Sutton (1773-1856)
Peter Sutton

John Tait
David Taylor (c1773-)
Christopher Teeple (c1764-1843)
John Teeple 
Philip Teeple (c1770-c1862)
Moses Teeter (1781-1852)
Peter Thomas
Augustus Thompson (1788?-)
Frederick Thompson (1790-1822)
James Thomson/Thompson
John Thomson (unknown rank)
Adam Thorpe                       
John Thorpe                        
John Thuler             
Cornelius J. Tip/Tips/Tipps
Seymor Treat                       
Jacob Triller (1794-1858)
Phillip Triller Jr. (1786-1866)
William Triller (1783-1837)
Peter Updigrove/Updergrove/Uptegrove/Uptergrove/Upthegrove/Updegrove         
James Upper (see Huper) 
John Utter Jr. (1779-1856)
Frederick Vanderlip
Andrew Van Every (1796-1873)
James Van Every    
John Van Every      
Michael Van Every (1790-1816)
Peter Van Every
Peter A. Van Every 
Sgt. William Van Every Sr.  (1792-1878)
William Van Every
Abraham Van Norman (1791-1879)
Ephraim Van Norman (c1762-1851)
Isaac Van Norman (1784-1877)
Jacob Van Norman (1793-1883)  
Joseph M. Van Norman (1789-1860)
John Vansickle
Rynard/Rreanir Van Sickle/Vansickle
Cornelius/Chn. Vanvolkenburg/Van Valkenburg (1774-1874)
Sgt. Aaron D. Vrooman (c1787-) (see Frooman)

Sgt. Henry Wagle
Daniel Walsworth
Donald Wallsworth 
Isaac Walton
Shelden Wamen (c1791-)
Henry Warner
Zechariah Warner
William Waterhouse
Joshua Wedge (c1766-)
Walter Whalen/Whalin/Whaling/Whalon                       
Elisha Whitehal (c1785-)
Nicholas Wibsel      
Amos Wilcox (1793-1886) 
Daniel Wilcox (1793-1872)
Joshua Wilder
Robert Giddence Wilkins (c1780-)           
Daniel Will (c1779-)
Jacob Will (c1794-)             
Phillip Will    
(Unknown) Williams           
Thomas Williams
Peter Wolfe (1773-1846)
Jonas Wood             
John Woolcote
John Wright

Gabriel Yake/Yeak/York (c1790-)
David Young
Sgt. George Young
Jeremiah Young (c1797-) 
John Young             
Sgt. Peter Young (1784-1846)

Stephen Zupel        


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