Monday, 6 June 2016

New Research Objectives

In the past year, I have completed three of my main research objectives.  First, I have published the first edition of a collection of stories about life in Upper Canada during the War of 1812.  

Second, I published information on how to research related documents as well as some of my transcripts and indices.

Third, I completed my set of 4 indices to the Collections Canada War Loss Claims and compiled stories found in those documents. 

I have two new objectives for the coming year. 

First, I am now looking for a more permanent online website to publish the claims indices and other unpublished work so that it can be easily accessed by interested researchers.  In the interim, name and event look-ups can still be requested from me by email.

Second, I will now be looking at other story sources, be adding new stories to my collection, and be regularly publishing second editions for each of the story collections.

As I find new resources, I will also be updating my How To Find War Documents pages.


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